EuroCulture in Quakenbrueck

EuroCulture 25.04. - 30.04.2017 in Quakenbrück
On Tuesday we met at 11.00 clock at the train station in Wittmund and drove from there two and a half hours to Quakenbrück. There, the host families picked us up and we did different things, like going to the movies or just exploring Quakenbrück.
On Wednesday we met with the Spaniards in front of the Artland Gymnasium sports hall and played different ball games there. The Spaniards showed us a game that they like to play in Valencia.
At noon, we met with our host siblings and then went to swing golfing on Gut Vehr.
After that we had a barbecue, but it was pretty cold. In the evening we were in our host families.
On Thursday we drove to Osnabrück at 8:30 in the Boulderhalle. We got a briefing on climbing the walls.
There are different levels of difficulty and in the end all hurt the fingers. After climbing we went to the city and looked at Osnabrück.
On Friday we drove at 8:00 clock from Quakenbrück to Bremen in the universe. First we were taken to the Denkarena, where everything was explained to us and we got our tickets.
In the afternoon we went to the city center.
On Saturday we spent the day in the host families. Some have driven away, as in the animal and amusement park Thüle, on the Alfsee or in the football stadium to Bremen. It was celebrated together in the evening with Charlottes birthday.
The Valencians and the Wittmunds on the Quakenbrück market square

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