Committee Europe met in Wittmund

From 8.11.2007 to 11.11.2007 there was a delegation from the Committee Europe on the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Schule in Wittmund. This meeting was the prelude to the big event EuroFriends in May 2008.

Visit of the Alexander-von-Humboldt-School

First the guests was shown the school.

Committee Europe visits the school

Thereafter, the delegation met and conferred on the further European cooperation.
The delegation deciedet to get outwardly a uniform profile on a own new homepage for the Committee Europe.
Meeting of Committee Europe

After a lunch break and resting phase the idea of EuroFriends 2008 in Wittmund was presented.

On the evening there was cozy meeting by a colleague.
Privat meeting by DagmarPrivat meeting by Dagmar

The next day the group was on "Ostfriesland Tour" to meet the country and people.
Visit of industrieVisit of nature

On the evening was the presentation for the official representatives of the city and country and the sponsors.
Chor of the school
The chor of the school opened the event.

After a meal, a group of students presented the subjects "dance", "fashion" and "baking" Representing students

Gifts for the guests
and the guests was presented a small gift. The school band accompanied musically the evening.

Overall, it was a successful demonstration for EuroFriends 2008.

The next day, most of the guests had to leave Wittmund very early. We look forward to seeing all again in May in Wittmund.


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