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ArosWith about 300.000 inhabitants is Aarhus Denmark’s second largest city
In Aarhus you find one of Northern Europe’s biggest museums Aros.

In Aarhus can you also find the castle of Marselisborg, which is the summer residence of Queen Margrethe.
Except from that you also find: Aarhus Cathedral, the Music house, Aarhus theatre, Bruuns galleri and the town hall. Aarhus has also one of Denmark’s biggest harbours.
Aarhus has the football team AGF, which we can’t boast of, but it doesn’t keep the fans away. 
Vestergaardsskolen lays in Viby, which is a suburb to Aarhus.

There are 500-600 students and they are 5-17 years old.
There are 80 teachers in our school.
The school is 55 years old, and it is in Viby close to Aarhus.



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