The Region around Grossefehn

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Published: Wednesday, 20 March 2013 19:19
Written by Rüdiger Stenzel

Here you can find some informations about Großefehn, the next event will take part and the region around EuroReporter in several languages. This informations are linked to Wikipedia, the great Encyclopedia in the Internet.

Großefehn greatbriten germany Netherlands portugal Polish



 Fehncanal in Großefehn




East Frisia greatbriten germany spain valencian france netherlands


Wappen of East Frisia

 The coat of arms of East Frisia, the region in the north west of Germany


Lower Saxony greatbriten germany spain valencian portugal france netherlands denmark Polish

 Map of Germany with the Position of Lower Saxony


Wadden Sea greatbriten germany valencian portugal netherlands denmark Polish



 The Wadden Sea


North Sea greatbriten germany valencian portugal france netherlands denmark Polish



 Großefehn and Wittmund nearby the North Sea