Thorough satisfaction for EuroHumour, great committment about new challenges ahead

The organization of EuroHumour is really proud of having you all as partners and friends in this adventure we share and call Committee Europe.  During our recent event, the common spirit has been thoroughly positive.  In spite of difficulties of all kinds you can imagine, we have successfully overcome... again.  Our aim, anyway, isn’t to reach a success and be ready to die in the glory, but just the opposite:  to keep walking along a continuous renewal of the objectives to be achieved.  We try our best in the world of education for a united Europe under the shelter of the respect of human and peoples’ rights.  Besides a this really serious issue, the Committee Europe has been able to gather a perfect combination with good humour in every action.  Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts to every single participant in EuroHumour 2011.

After the acknowledgments. we open a new period of time full of proposals to consider and challenges to face:

  • The Danish delegation of the Committee, Vestergaardsskolen and Solbjergsskolen, are already involved in the hard team work for the preparation of our next event, EuroVikings 2012.
  • The organizers of EuroHumour 2011 are still gathering information to complete the evaluation of the event and help the Committee to improve the organizing processes.
  • Every school in our organization is engaged in the common task of spreading out the idea, objectives and actions of the Committee Europe. 

Committee Europe proves once again that a united educational Europe is, not only possible, but also necessary.  It’s in that context that this organization has found an effective formula for participation, integration, sharing, co-work, co-learning, having fun together, as equals, as friends... of teachers and students, of the present and the future citizens in the European Union.  That’s why we are opening our doors and our hearts to everyone interested in different areas of Europe.  This is an invitation to committed teachers and schools willing to join in motivating European work projects.  Just try! You’re welcome!


It’s from the gathering of each one’s contribution that we can grow and definitely better the quality of our educational task.  Hard work, responsibility and commitment ahead... 

But also stability, friendship, learning, humour and satisfaction for a well done job. Give yourselves the chance!  Give your students the chance!


Great memories from EuroHumour and great perspectives for EuroVikings 2012 – Viby – Aarhus.  Thank you indeed.



Hèctor-Xavier Salvo

President of the Committee Europe

Committee Europe 2013