Group of Colegio Juan Comenius

Our national group is composed by:
Maite Contell is an inteligent girl. She loves read, dance, sing, swim and go to the beach.
Marina Sabate is a friendly person, she's very funny and she likes music, singing and travelling.
Carles Sauca is a good friend, he's very funny and he likes playing handball and meet friends.
Mireia is a fiendly girl, funny, optimist and a good friend. Her hobbies are take photos and meet friends.
Javier Vidal is a good boy, his hobbies are meet friends and play with the xbox.
Helena Gonzalez is an adventurer girl, she likes doing sports, riding a horse, skiing, playing handball, and she loves the animals.

Laura Valls is a funny and friendly person, she likes playing the clarinet and the piano.
Claudia is a friendly, enjoyable, funny and talkative person, shelikes travelling and reading.
Daniel Burruchaga is a good friend, attentive and loving boy, his hobby is playing the saxophone.


Presentation of Group Artland-Gymnasium Quakenbrück

Our school is called Artland-Gymnasium Quakenbrück. It's in Germany. Last year, the meeting EuroPaxket was at our school. The school have taken part in many exchanges.
Our school has ca. 800 students and eleven from these will go to Wittmund in June: Seven girls, Denise, Nele, Johanna, Sabrina, Laura, Regina and Amelie, four boys, Lukas, Tim, Tom and Lukas, and two teacher Mr. Watermann and Mr. Laux. We look forward to come to Wittmund and meet the students from the other countrys.

Description of Danish Group

I am in the danish group from Vestergaardsskolen in the "EuroWater" project. We are looking forward to coming down to Germany in June, I am sure it will be a great experience, and we will learn a lot just like last time. We are very excited to work on this prjoect, unfortunetely we have not been able to work much on it, due to Denmarks laws concerning education.
In Wittmund we expect to get a good insight on the worlds water problems, uncleansed drinking water, water going to waste etc. and of course to help solving these probems with our results.
Reporter: Karl Emil Kristensen 

Presentation of Group Wittmund

Hello we are the group Eurowater (Wittmund/Germany). Our groupmanager is S. Janssen he is locking forward to meet new students from other countries.
The reporter from our group is Julia Tolksdorf. The fotographs are Max Braun, Leon Erdmann and Joshua Ring. The webmasters are Tom Eilers and Fiete Meier. The webdesigners are Justin Lokmani and Dominik Nescheida. 
The other students of the group Eurowater are: Lara Hartmann, she is 14 years old and her hobbys are to meet friends. Rita Janssen is 13 years old and her hobbys are inline skating. Fabian Lüschen is 14 years old and his hobby is to play football. Marcel Badberg is 13 years old his hobby is to playing football. Ihno Reents is 13 years old and his hobby is to play with animals. Markus Stecker is 13 years old and his hobby is to play football. Maik Tolksdorf is 14 years old and his hobby is football. Fabian Harbort is 15 years old and his hobby is to play football. Michael Müller is 14 years old and his hobby is inline skating. Dominique Hubig is 13 years old and his hobby is to playing football.
Julia, Michael, Dominique und Joshua

Newspaper from Wittmund

Newspaper in Wittmund

Anzeiger für Harlingerland at Friday 30th May 2014

Committee Europe 2013