New Project EuroWater

At 25th of September 2013 we will start the new project "EuroWater 2013-2015" in Wittmund.


The students participating in this European Exchange Program are going to face and prepare themselves with the issue “Water – the No. 1 provision for Europe” by checking up on the effectivity of jural obligations, quality standards, and monitoring and safeguarding measures inside the European Union as published in the “EU directive on the quality of water for human supply”, published by the European Council on November 1998, No. 98/83/EG.

So its necessary to have a look at the regulations and investigation of the quality of water in the different countries.

Different parts:
- Looking for regulations
- Learning how to practice (to investigate the quality of water)
- Practice at home
- Merge results and take conclusions to learn for the future

Here you will get more information ...

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