Group of Colegio Juan Comenius

Our national group is composed by:
Maite Contell is an inteligent girl. She loves read, dance, sing, swim and go to the beach.
Marina Sabate is a friendly person, she's very funny and she likes music, singing and travelling.
Carles Sauca is a good friend, he's very funny and he likes playing handball and meet friends.
Mireia is a fiendly girl, funny, optimist and a good friend. Her hobbies are take photos and meet friends.
Javier Vidal is a good boy, his hobbies are meet friends and play with the xbox.
Helena Gonzalez is an adventurer girl, she likes doing sports, riding a horse, skiing, playing handball, and she loves the animals.

Laura Valls is a funny and friendly person, she likes playing the clarinet and the piano.
Claudia is a friendly, enjoyable, funny and talkative person, shelikes travelling and reading.
Daniel Burruchaga is a good friend, attentive and loving boy, his hobby is playing the saxophone.


Committee Europe 2013