Work on the Project "Eurowater"



I. October

This month held the first meeting for those, who were interested in the project. The teacher told us a few words about the organization called “Committee Europe”. We learned what is the theme of the project and what are the tasks to be performed. The teacher showed us some pictures of the project “EuroPaxket 2013”.

II. November

Next meeting was held in the computer room, we divided into teams and learned what is Waterfootprint and how it performes. Everyone was sitting at the computer familiaring themselves with the survey Waterfootprint and the way it was implemented. Then we filled out the table at our homes, with help of our parents and we sent the results to the teacher.

III. January

We split into two teams, each team prepared a poster about saving drinking water. Then we presented our work and discussed it.

IV. February

At the next organizational meeting we discussed further tasks: measuring water level from the counter (daily and monthly). We learned how to fill out the relevant questionnaires and discussed such preparations for departure , like sophistication of identity cards and the health insurance cards.

V. May

Last organizational meeting before departure were we did a group photo, we worked on the article about our group and had the final preparations before the departure. We got the information about the host families and we read the itinerary and program of the meeting in Wittmund.

Committee Europe 2013