RUZ Schortens (Group 3)

RUZ Schortens

We drive by bus in the environmental centre. There we met Bernd Uwe Janssen who lead us through the day. At first he gave us a short introduction. Then we walked to Hundertste lake. Four people had to go into the water to measure the water equality. The others got landing nets from the lake to catch animals. They should let their nets at the bottom of the lake to got plants and sand inside. Then they have to put everthing in a white dish and put the leaves away.

Everything that moves is an animal. After you find some animals you have to filled in the glas with the help of the pipet, but the animals were to big you haven to put in on spoon than filled into the class. After we went back to the RUZ house and there we saw the animals under the microscope we found Nonbiting Midges, Water Mite, Backswimmer, dragonflies larva and Water Flea. All these animals are indicators for the water equality.

The other group who investigated the oxidation of water told us that they have measure this and 3 different places of the lake. At all places and the temperature was 22°C and the first place the oxidation on the surface was 140% and 1 metre deep it was only 135% and on the second place were 110% and 105% of oxidation of water and on the third place there were 116% and 113% of oxidation of water. There were fewer oxidation at the bottom of the lake because there are many animals which needs oxidation to breath.

On some places where the water equality was good there life a lot of backswimmer that need fewer oxidation cause they swim to the surface to breath so the oxidation on these place is higher than on other places. After our research we had a barbecue. Everyone ate sausages, potato salad and pineapple. After this we wait half an hour for the bus 219 to Wilhelmshaven there we have got 4 hours free time.


Committee Europe 2013