Our Trip to Spiekeroog (Group 5)

Our group had make a trip to Spiekeroog with a fishing boat. In the morning we had drive by bus to the seaport. We had go to the island with a fishing boat. On the boat, we had go to fishing. Then we had put the 55 shrimps, the 37 Commom Shore crabs (males), the 6 Common Shore crabs (females), the 3 swim crabs (males), the 1 swim crab (female), the 1 Hermit crab and the 2 Plaice in some glass boxes. Then we had different the males and females and we had count it and had take the size of the sea animals. After that we had see some seals at the sandbank. Roger, our tourguide sad that we had a big problem in the oceans because there are 6.2 million tones plastic. After we had put the sea animals back in the northsea, we had go to the island.

At the island we had make a break. Then we had see a waterpump and we had look about the freshwater and the saltwater.Spiekeroog had have 6 waterpumps and 3 of these works. After they pump the freshwater up, they had put minerals in the water and they had clean the water.

Later we had go to the beach but we can´t swim because it´s to dangerous. We had make an experiment with saltwater and freshwater and an experiment with the moon, the sun and the Earth. Then we had have 1 hour freetime bevor we had drive back to the mainland. At the boat we had learn something about the seals. At the mainland the bus had bring us back to Wittmund.

Committee Europe 2013