Our Trip to Langeoog (Group 7)

We started the activities the 11th of june. First of all we were organized in groups, and we are in the 7 group, the green one.

Our group had to go to an island to see the water tower and how water can be re-used.

In the morning, we arrived at the station ship at 10:30, then at 11:30 we went to the ferry that was going to brought us to the island Langeoog. When we were on the ferry we were excited because it would be a good experience. When we arrived we take a train to go to the little village. Secondly we saw an exposition about how the water is taken.

The exposition said the water is taken in a different way than in other places. When it rains the water falls in the ground and then is taken and that system is called '' Lend water ''.

They explained to us that in Langeoog are half million of tourists then people who are living here all the year, because there are only 2000 people. There is a street on Langeoog where you can not drive cars because that's the place where the water is taken. '' The infohaus altes wasserwerk'' it's the place where you can taste the sweet water accumulate in the plant from the island, then the salt water falls into the bottom and the sweet water stays on the top. The water of Langeoog is often analyze to prove that the quality of the water is good. OOWV is a company that secures the best pure water in the world.

They have 9 meters dikes because it could be a tsunami of 20 meters of weight, if there no dikes or cliffs then it could be possible to have a tsunami.

German people have to use water because there is a lot of it but they have to do it with moderation because if they do not they can break the pipes because of fluent.

They told us that Langeoog people drink 3 more times tea than people in England.

When we finished learning about water we had free time to go shopping and have lunch and things like that. Then we met again at 17:00 to go back to the school.

Committee Europe 2013