Visit of Sewage Work in Wittmund (Group 2)

Visit of the Sewage Work in Wittmund on Friday 13th of June 2014
At 8:30 we arrived at school. The yellow group (Group 2) travel by bus to the Sewage works in Wittmund. First we had an explanation about the work who make the water clean.
We started seeing the structure of the Sewage works. We saw the circuit for cleaning the water.
There were different stations for cleaning the water. At first a machine toke waters rubbish out and put it in to a box.
Than they cleaned the water with bacteria, it smells very bad. We divided in to groups, the first group went to saw the rest of the plants, and the second group went to analyse the percent of amonium the water have, but we also only analyse the clean water. 
When we have finished analyse water and the other group have finidhed visit the Sewage works, we came back to school by walking.
Committee Europe 2013