Wadden Sea House (Group 3)

Friday we went to a museum about the Wadden Sea. First we got a lot of information about the Wadden Sea. Then we split up in two groups were one group had to do experiments with salt water and the other had to learn about the animals in the Wadden sea. At the salt water experiments we first had to make our own salt water mixture. The salt felt to the bottom of the water like in death sea. Then we have to compaire our mixture with a fresh water and water from the north sea. We put each kind of water on a little plate. Then we put the plate on a hot plate one by one. The north sea water evaporated and a bit of salt were left on the bottom of the plate. The saltwater mixture evaporated and left a lot of saltwater on the plate. The fresh water did not leave any salt. 
At the place were we learn about the animals of the Wadden sea there were a lot of stations. At each station there was a paper we had to fill out about an animal (like crabs, shrimps, worms, sea pocks and mussels, etc.). And also the animals that we had to make the paper about. When the two groups were finished we had lunch and then we switched what we had to do. So the first group learned about animals and the second group learned about the saltwater. After we were finished we had about an hour where we could go around in the museum and look at all the exhibitions. There were many different animals and fishes at the museum. And there was also a big fisher ship you could go in. 
At the end we drive back to the KGS by bus. It was a very funny bus tour especially for the boys from the netherlands with their bike helmets. At the school we were picked up by our host families and go home after a great day. 
Committee Europe 2013