Regional Umwelt Zentrum (Group 4)

Friday the 13th 2014, we were going to the RUZ (Regional Umwelt Zentrum) to do our activities.
Our stop was the last of all, so we had to be in the bus for one hour and a half or two hours.
When we arrived, the teachers talked with a man and he said that we had to walk two kilometres. Then, we met Dagmar´s husband and told us to cross a bridge and then, the bus will come to pick us up to the RUZ.
There, we made groups of three and we picked insects in a pond. We also mesured the oxygen in that pond and another smaller that had more plants.
Then, we went to the lab to see the insects in the microscope to watch them in more detail. We had a paper with all the animals in the water and say which insect was and if it lived in good water or in bad water.
Later, with the man there, we mesured the quantity of oxygen and carbohydrates in five different waters (pond 1, pond 2, driking water, destilated water and mineral water).
After that, we had a barbacue for lunch.
We expected to do all this activities in three hours, but we only had one hour because of the bus. However, we learnt lot of things about these animals and about the water they live in.
Committee Europe 2013