Wateranalysis at the Harle (Group 5)

We starts at 10 o`clock with the bus out of Denmark. In actual fact we start at 9 o`clock but we have problems with the bus, so that we must wait. At 10 o`clock we start to Isums but it was closed. We have to analysis water at the Harle. We prof the pH-value, the nitrat-value, the temperature of the water, the airtemperature, the phosphat- value, the conductivity and the oxygen in the water.  We also looking for the biological. We are prof the water of animals and found water flea and water runners. Then we`ve analysis some waterplants.
After that we drive to Carolinsiel/ Harlesiel. That´s the village where the Harle goes into the northsea. There we have eating a special meal of the countryside, a fishbread. Then we have fun at the beach and meet an other group, the orange group. It was cold and windy but we are very happy because it was high tide. It`s not normaly at the german coast because it only comes all six hours and sometimes when you go to the coast, there is no water.
After that we drive back to Wittmund with the orange group.
Committee Europe 2013