Sewage Carolinensiel (Group 6)

On Friday morning we went to Sewage Carolinensiel to see how they clean the water to recycle it.
We divided the group in two parts.
One started looking outside how the machines clean the water. The process has four different parts; in the first one the water comes from the cities and the machine divides the liquid from the solid parts (like toilet paper). After, in the second part, the water is put in tanks and machines which pump bacterias in the water to clean it. In the third part the water goes to another tank in which the rubbish go down and the clean water stays above and it flows out of the tank and into the small natural lake. It stays in the lake where are fish living in the water, as long as the fish can live in the water it has a good quality. The last step is to pump the water in the sea.
The another part of the group started in the laboratory to look the bacterias with a very expensive microscopy. After they also compare the results of the chemical examination that we did with two different water probes.
When the groups were finished, they switched the programs. 
Committee Europe 2013