Störtebekerpark and Radio Jade (Group 7)

The group green was in two little groups.
One of the group analized the water of the Störtebekerpark. They depth of the water and it was 65 cm. Then they took some water from the ditch and put it in a beaker. And they took 5 mm and they put it in the tube. They put an indicator in the tube and then they had to wait for 10 or 15 minutes that depends on the indicator. They waited 10 minutes and saw the change from the color of the water in a color table. If the color was green we knew how much mg/L there was in the water. they annalized the following ions  in the water (nitrate, phosphates, oxygen, copper, chlorid). The group think that it wasn´t difficult, was easy, and we learnt how to work in group I how clean and precisly.
The other group, about 5 persons, went to the radio studio that is called “Radio Jade”. Then they were interview by a reporter about things that we are doing in the project of the Euro Water. Then the reporter show to us the studio and we saw the different rooms of the studio. He said to us that In this radio they put in the evening music from 21:00 to 1:00. And he said that in the morning the radio put more move music to get up the people and then in the afternoon they talk about serious problems and they put more slower music.
An other thing is that in the radio are a lot of levels, for example are the young people, the volunteers, the journalist, the reporters, and the boss. Then he said that they have reporters all around the world. And when they interview someone they can not interview him or her, more than 3 minutes and a half because the people could be bored. He said that if you want to work in a radio station you have to know about that and you have to like it because you´re all the day in a room, and very often alone.
The group thinks that it was very interesting and it was a good experience. They saw how is the work in a radio station, in this case a public one. 
Committee Europe 2013