escolagavina starts the engine of Eurowater II

What can we say about us?
We are 32 students in our class, but only 29 of us will participate in the encounter EuroWater. Of these 29 students, 17 are girls and the rest are boys. Our school is in Picanya (a town near València). It's a really small school, but it's very cosy.
We like sports (baseball and football). We are both sociable and competitive.
In class we talk a lot, but we have good marks.
We hope that this project will help us to improve our English, to learn more about water and science, to meet a lot of people and new towns. We are active and we really want to go to Oude Pekela, because we have iniciative.
We are jokers and we are always smiling.
We think this project is going to be so exciting and so productive for us!

Committee Europe 2013