Eurowater 2015

At Vestergaardsschool, Aarhus, Denmark, we have worked with a subject about water, where we among other things, analyzed and studied something about water. In biology classes we have talked about waterconsumption in denmark,  and learned somthing about aquatic environment, and the quantity of substances that may be in the water .We have tested this sample for nitrite , nitrate , phosephor and for the pH-value. We have for instance  been at the wastewater treatment plant,  where we have seen how the water is cleaned in denmark.
The last 2 years we did a research to water and what’s in the water at school. We did this in collaboration with some foreign schools(Germany, Denmark,Spain and Poland), which is fun. The foreign schools had taken water from their countries and we researched it at our school(which is Dollard College Oude Pekela). There were also some schools in November at our school. At our school we got water from 4 places(A canal and some lakes) and ofcourse the tap water. Surprisingly all the water from here was different, which I did not expect(except for the tap water).

Esuela2, Valencia,Spanien: A group of European schools have been working on a water project, we learn thing about it, it’s very important for our lives.
My school, “Escuela 2” worked on this for the last two years. Last year we learned how much water do you need to produce food, and the results were surprising.
You need too much. We also worked on the water analysis, how to do it. The organisation gave us a briefcase with chemical products to analyse it and when we did it we compared the results with the Europe recomendations. Also we learn how to take the water consumption in our house.
This year we still worked about water analysis and water consumption in our house. We went by bike to the Turia River to take samples of the water, also we took samples of tap water, swimming pools and ponds. We also had speakings of water and the importance of it. We also went to see how do they clean water to a purifying plant.

At the Friedrichgymnasium Altenburg in Germany we analyzed the water of regional waters and wrote the results down. We also visited the waterwork of Zeigerheim. One day we went to a water fair in Berlin to get some new informations. Everybody had to fill in a table over a  year showing how much water the family used. Some students prepared a fairytale with the message that water is very important for our life. Our class sold sandwiches at the school to collect money which goes to a social water project in africa.
In this two years we do a few research with water. We do a “water footprint” of our houses. We do a “table daily ‘’ ,‘’table monthly’’ and ’’table  yearly’’ .
We were thinking ‘’How we can save water ?’’
We were doing a research of water from lake ,river and pound , and later we were analyse differents parametes (nitrat ,phosphat ,iron, etc.).
We were learning a lot about water.
It was a really interesting and we are glad ,because we can be in project ‘’Eurowater”.

Quackenbrueck, Germany: In the last 2 years we make some water analysis to look how different the water quality in different european countries is. One  day we went  with our biology teacher to the small river Hase . He tells us there  something about the biotope Hase . After he tells uns about  this thing we take a water sample .  We have tested this sample for nitrite , nitrate , phosephor and for the pH-value . We make the analyse outside by the river .

At the KGS Wittmund in Germany we analysed water which comes from around Wittmund for example  water from the Harle, thats a small river from Adorf to Carolinensiel. We found out about the value of oxygen, nitrite, nitrate, iron, phosphate, ammonium, PH-value, hardness, aluminium, copper and chlorid in this water samples. In December 2014 we visit the dollard college in Pekela for the first time. There we analyzed water again but most of the work we did in our regulary lessons.

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