Comparing Wateranalysis Spain - Europe



After analysing some samples of water carried in Albufera, Dehesa, Acequia de Rascanya, it can be said that the water quality is good considering the quality parameters that the European Union states in the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC.

It should be highlighted the presence of iron in the irrigation ditch of Rascanya above the permitted parameters established in mg/l. It seems a punctual waste or there is a seasonal reason as a further analysis shows the iron concentration

We also found high ammonium concentration in the Albufera (3 mg/l versus to 0'5mg/l permitted. It could be due to the use of fertilizers in the fields of rice close to the lagoon.

Water hardness is high. The hardness in CO3-2 is 12º d and total hardness is 27º d. This hardness comes from the environment along which surface water is mainly limestone. Although this fact does not make it undrinkable, it has to be taken into account for the consumption of newborns and people with kidney problems.

Hardness is also important to maintain electrical appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and kettles, where the accumulation of lime could damage them.

The second samples analysed in Valencia, (between the towns of Xiva and Picanya) show us that ammonium levels are above European regulations. Water hardness is more or less in the same levels that samples taken in la Albufera and Acequia de Rascanya. The rest of the parameters are lower than European quality parameters.

When we analyzed the water in the River Turia, we saw that the ammonium, the carbonate, the pH and the phosphate are almost like the European parameters, but the nitrate are lower and there are no nitrite according to the European parameters. The chloride is a bit lower than the European parameters.

In all of cases we found a water with a high amount of oxygen, that indicates us that the water is good enough to preserve the flora and fauna of the different places we were working.

In summary, we can say the water analyzed in Valencia (Spain) is in a good quality, having european laws like a reference, despite little quantities of some ions that could probably come from agriculture customs. If this is the reason, fertilizers should be reduced or controlled in the areas which had been studied.

Committee Europe 2013