Geography in Altenburg

Around Altenburg there are many hills and mountains. These are mostly occupied by forests. However, we also have a river that calls Pleisse. Unfortunately, this is problematic for the inhabitants in Altenburg and surroundings, because if there is too much rain for many days can flood come. Normally it is in the spring or autumn. Here trees can be uprooted, houses can collapse and the streets are flooded. It can also happen that a village will be completely closed off from the environment. This is not good because then people in this compartment are not be able to acquire new foods, not medication and have get the hardest case, no more drinking water. I was such at a flood. The worst part was that one all the time the water has heard. We know it is possible the water can collapse the house. With us there were fatalities. Our neighbor was very ill and had to take powerful medication, but could not get new. Not even the firefighter was able to push their way past the floods and help us. We could nothing do about it, except to hope that good weather is so that the water evaporates more quickly and we were able to get food again. At the end everyone was happy when the water was gone, we could again get food and we had electricity.

How it could happened? Unfortunately, the water had no place. In the last years it was lots of new building in the country side. Perhaps we should pay more attentions in the future that the nature needs more space.

Committee Europe 2013