Geography in Valencia

In Valencia we have a widely diverse landscape with many kilometers of coastline and beaches along the Mediterranean. It is on the east coast of Spain between Cataluña, in the north, and Murcia in the south.The area has both high mountains and plains, wetlands and beaches with large areas of sand .It is a flat community which slowly rises from the sea to the inner part.

The influence of the Mediterranean sea affects the temperature in all the coast producing that the temperature usually increases in summer time but it stays the same the rest of the year .

We have learnt that in the North of Europe, swamps are a part of the landscape. In Valencia the most similar thing is the lagoon called Albufera which is surrounded by kilometers and kilometers of rice fields Water in this lagoon is mixed with water from the sea and it is used to irrigate these crops.

In our area there are not many rivers and most of them have little water although some times, if we have heavy rain during some days , there may be floods in some areas.We think this is due to the lack of trees and roots. Water is not absorbed so that it drags from mountains to valleys . We think more trees should be planted .

Although the mountains in Valencia are high, it is never freezing cold to have snow, so we can not use the water generated by melting. The only water we can use is the one produced by rain, which is not enough.

Committee Europe 2013