EuroFriends 2008

The Way Europe should be

Welcome in Wittmund to EuroFriends 2008


from 14th to 18th of May in 2008

Europe is comming closer



5 students per school form a team and will appear in their selfmade dresses and then will practise together in a workshop in mixed groups for a catwalk performance.

Saturday: Fashion Show

Football (soccer):

5 students per school will have a mixed teams training workshop.

Friday: Football tournament  14:00 – 16:00 hours


5 dancers per school;
the national teams will perform their 2-3 minute formation.
In a workshop mixed teams will practise a dance after the music that will be distributed among all schools in November 07.

Saturday: public performance


5 cooks per school together will produce culinary delicacies following typical recipes of their regions; use of food colors allowed.

Saturday: Distribution of cookery to folks at
Market Square.


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