EuroBeat 2007  

Dagmar and Hartmut were going with 20 girls  to Aarhus in may 2005. Our girls danced Hip-Hop to a song of Rihana and JeanPaul. They had much fun with all the other girls and boys from Europe.


The RytmeXpressen was a highlight at this event. In 4 big groups all students moved, danced and drumed together in international mixed teams. In the afternoon they presented a great show. All the 200 students had much fun together and the teachers too in these workshops.

On friday were the event and all students presented a very good show of music, dancing or percussion. After the presentation all the students sang the HEART BEAT song. Every school have sung one verse in their own language and all pupils have sung the chorus together (na na na listen to your heart....). All have done a good homework. The song was very nice. It was very good to make music together. It was a flame for EuroBeat, that every student sang the song.

 The disco in the night was very hot and full of dancing students. They had much fun together.


We had nice days altogether. A very warm and good atmospare were all the time.

 Laughing Thank`s the EuroBeat-team for their good work.

and a special thank from Dagmar for the music-player!!!!! 

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