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Description of the Group partcipating in the Project "EuroWater" in Wittmund:

We aren't just one school from Valencia, in the Valencian Country, but as reporter, I'm talking about my school, because we don't know about the other schools.

Our national group is a big one, we are aproximately, 27 people of our class flying to Germany next month.

We started doing our tasks at the begining of the school year, and we are doing them yet. It's true that some people is a little bit slow with the tasks, but we are very excited with the project.

We are travelling with two teachers, our main teacher, Encarna Coret, and our English, teacher Hector Slavo, who is also in the Comittee Europe with important tasks.

Both of our teachers are doing their best in this project, and they want us to do our best too.

We hope this will be a great experience to learn lot of things, to meet new people and to improve our English.


Description od School:

escolagavina  is a colourful island.  Despite dull reality around, it's a piece of imagination, creativity, culture, respect, common sense and shared feelings. A moving island, impulsed to the future by the present energy of parents, students, teachers and staff, under the flag of learning together. Space and time to help people grow up in a wide sense.  Experiences that lead students to a whole formation in human values, habits and knowledge.  Space and time to live together and make students feel the curiosity for learning, to help them to develop social and intellectual competences in cooperation with their mates and their teachers. Time and space to take them to the top of their potential competences.

escolagavina has been, since 1975, an education cooperative, formed essentially by teachers and administration and services staff, that shares an educational project with the students’ families. Nowadays it is a small school of three hundred and fifty students, from 3 to 16 years old, however it’s a centre of reference in Valencian Educational world. The educational work focuses on the development of the students’ personality within the axes of an open and critical attitude.  Those aspects, together with innovation, experimentation, work, learner-centred methodology, internationality, permanent communication, friendship… make escolagavina
’s identity card.  This centre keeps thorough compromise with the fight for the survival of Catalan language & culture in Valencian Country.

Committee Europe 2013