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Escuela 2 Valencia
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There are 340 students in our school, aged from 3 to 16. We were founded in 1983 and we are also a cooperative formed by 32 members, teachers and service staff.

phot0028Escuela2 was born, as an alternative answer to the traditional hegemonic school methodology. Our school is placed in La Cañada, a residential area in Paterna town, which is about 10 km far from Valencia city centre.

We are an inclusive school, this means that we have always had different kinds of students, so we also count with special need students integrated in the ordinary classrooms. Nowadays we have two integrative and two specific units. 

We believe in how important is to be involved with our environment and our world, and we participate in different local and collective projects. (Programa de Compensación Municipal) and  as far as internacional projects are concern, we participate each year event of  "Comité Europa".

falla39We also have two exchanges with Portugal and France, and several virtual with Estonia and Italy.

We are also very concern about the importance of the cmc tools and the new Technologies applied to education, in consequence, we have participated in an interactive whiteboard experimental Promethean project and last year  we were awarded  with the 1st Blog Prize from the Valencian University, with our BLOGESO project. This year we just got the 3rd prize to innovative librarian prizes from the Spanish Education bureau.

In conclusion, we may say that one of our main objectives has been, the development of the Word as a means of meaning and  knowledge…..and we are also a mixture from different referents, …… the use of Rodari fantasy, …Piaget´s principles, …the efforts of Makarenko, the proposals of Montessori or the ideas of Nelly,…… Freire´s vision, or Vigotsky apportations  ………always regarding  the emotional intelligence, as much as the significative, the relevant and the collaborative learning.       



Committee Europe 2013