EuroVikings 2012

The new event in 2012 will be "EuroVikings". The event will take place from 6th to 10th of June 2012 in Aarhus, Denmark. The organizing schools are Vestergaardsskolen (Viby) and Solbjergskolen(Solbjerg).


In September/Octobre 2011 from Thursday 29/9 till Sunday 2/10 The Preparatory Meeting is in session in Aarhus, Denmark.

Be prepared to receive an invitation soon both here at the web-page and by e-mail.

As mentioned in May in Valencia, children participating and their teacher are supposed to make a power-point presentation of the impact and influence of Vikings in their local, regional og national area either indirectly or directly. The power-point should contain both text and pictures or smaller video-parts of the work done. The power-point is supposed to be sent to both host schools in Aarhus in due time, in order to get the presentation of each school avaible in  the local web page and in the web page of the Committee.

The power point presentation is so to speak a proof of the knowledge gained by each group and will follow the aims of the work in the Committee. Mostly European History as a subject will make the basis of the power point.

Secondly we will ask the participaters to bring with them to Denmark one or two smaller items ment for an exhibition. It could also be a set of pictures showing the result of a work in each school throughout the school year. The situation of the bagage situation going by air in itself gives only very few possibilities. Details will be given in September.

On behalf of the event making schools

Thorkild Tosti Clausen
vicedirector of Vestergaardsskolen

15/8 2011

The following invitation is due:


Euro Vikings

Preparatory Meeting


Dates: Thursday sept. 29. to sunday 2. okt. 2011

Dear alle member s of Commitee Europa

We hereby would like to invite you to prepatory meeting about Euro Vikings which will take place on the dates from 29. Sep. 2012 to 2. Sep in Aarhus, Denmark.

In order to provide accomodation for all participants in the prepatory meeting we kindly ask you to confirm your participation to Jens from Solbjergsskolen on e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. at latest 2. september.

We will then by e-mail inform you about hosting - and the final program for the prepatory meeting during week 37

Please let the e-mail contain following information:

Name of your school:





Teacher or headmaster:

Date an time of arrival in Aarhus:

Place of arrival in Aaarhus e.g. busstation - airport - railwaystation:

Date - time and place for departure from Aarhus.

Any others matters of interest to be able to make best possible accomodation eg. religion - special needs - food - general interest?

We are looking forward to see you all in Aarhus

Best regards

Solbjergskolen and Vestergaardskolen


Committee Europe 2013