Learning about Vikings and having great fun EuroVikings 2012

Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark.  29 Setember to 2 October 2011.

Committee Europe has held the preparatory meeting for the school encounter Eurovikings 2012 which will take place in June 2012 in Aarhus, Denmark.  Two organizing schools, Vestergaardsskolen and Solbjergskolen had set a complete work programme for the delegates of the school members in which they attended the official presentation of the event as well as the official meeting of the board.  Objectives accomplished, energy recharged, lots of ideas for new educational actions and a lot of work ahead.  

All in all, it’s been a great source of inspiration for teachers.  The members of the comittee were informed about the tasks and activities their students wil take part in during the spring encounter:  diverse workshops about the viking way of life, integration in the host families and a great disco party are worth mentioning.  Also the tasks to be done at each school before the event were explained by the organizers and an agreement on dates and conditions was reached.  The yearly project is on again.  This time Eurovikings 2012 will take the teachers and students to the historical investigation of viking age, to share work, knowledge and joy in the preparation process and in the international encounter which will be held between the 6th and the 10th of June 2012.

Complementarily Committee Europe agreed upon the research of new sources of finance.  Thus the basis of growing has been stablished.  New schools have already joined in and some other are on their way to become part of this privileged club of centres which share educational style, pedagogical methodology, imagination, resources and a common work project.  Committee Europe sets the pace of European education in real European collaboration.  2012 is the year of Eurovikings, the perfect starting point for integration of the difference.  The essential aim of the committee is facilitating students and teachers from diverse realities to come together, to learn together, to live together.

So far the first stage of Eurovikings has been successfully closed, the organizing schools have done a great job:  the teachers who have hosted delegates deserve a very special acknowledgement, the teachers involved in the project have proved their commitment and will to carry on, the students intervening in the presentation of the project did an excellent task… The delegates attending the meetings made agreement easy and challenging for everyone by means of their great disposition to mutual understanding and their devotion to work hardly in the project from this very moment.  Their target:  making a succesful work process out of every proposal from the committee. The school members have integrated the project in their programmes as something central in their education action.  Committee Europe’s proposals pump the energy that make the schools’ heart beat in the intensive way they do.  The students participating every year in the encounters are the protagonists of the beating, of the education for the global world, of the adventure of life.

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