Committee Europe 2012, Aarhus, Denmark





Information about Committee Europe
The Committee Europe is based on the idea of bringing together students of all kinds of school from as many as possible European countries for a mutual cultural exchange, to eliminate prejudices and to stabilize the idea of a European citizenship. This is carried out in common work, following given topics and personal meeting of students and teachers during school events of sports, music, linguistic, cultural and/or scientific themes. A special objective is the integration of disabled children in all sorts of work.

Committee Europe’s Events, so far

In 2012 EuroViking is going to take place in Aarhus, Denmark in a joint venture program between Behandlingshjemmet Bögholt, a social institution with children dealing with difficult social backgrounds, Solbjergskolen and Vestergaardsskolen, both public schools from Kindergarden to 9th/10th grade, VIA University College, Teachers College, Aarhus and Moesgård Museum, Aarhus.

The event is from June 6th, day of arrival, till Sunday 10th, day of departure. The overall subject is history starting with the Viking Age with the aim of finding out what brings us together in a common past and find answers towards what Europe looks like today.

We would like to thank everyone, who contributed and has made an effort for the benefit of this common European Event. Also we are proud, that the organizing team has done an excellent work together to make this event come true.


Wednesday, 6th of June
  • Day of arrival and hosting

Thursday, 7th of June
  • Workshops at Moesgård Museum, VIA and Solbjergskolen, 8.00 - 17.00
    Workshops at Vestergaardsskolen, VIA, Bøgholt and Vestergaardsskolen, 8.15 - 16.00
    Evening disco at Slobjergskolen for participants from both workshops, 19.30 - 22.00 

Friday, 8th of June
  • Workshops at Moesgård Museum, VIA, Bøgholt and Vestergaardsskolen, 8.00 - 17. 00
    Workshops at Solbjergskolen, VIA and Solbjergskolen, 8.00 - 14.30
    Delegates´ meeting, 18.30  - 19.30
    Teachers’ party for adult teachers, hosts and others connected to the event, 19.30 - 23.30

Saturday, 9th of June
  • Excursion for the schools connected to Solbjergskolen to Aarhus, 9.30 - 13.30
    School party at Vestergaardsskolen, with schools connected and all pupils with their
    parents at Vestergaardsskolen having a great Viking Party, 10.00 - 14.00.

Sunday, 10th of June
  • Day of departure


An exciting Viking experience at Moesgård Museum
On the 7th and 8th of June activities have been arranged at Moesgård Museum. Moesgård Museum is housed in the Moesgård manor, a late 18th Century mansion set in a lovely landscape of park, forest, open fields and the beach a mere fifteen minutes’ drive from the vibrant city life of Aarhus.

At the museum the children will be divided into seven different groups, and each of these groups will participate in seven different Viking activities during the day. Each one of these activities will last 45 minutes, and there will be a period of 15 minutes between activities. These activities all take place at the museum grounds and they include Viking battle practice, Viking-age archery, Viking cooking, Viking games and other exciting and educational experiences.

Group number one starts at activity number one, and after 45 minutes the group is escorted on to activity number two. Group number two starts at activity number two and after 45 minutes the group is escorted on to activity number three, and so on. The complete program for the day is as follows:

             9.00   Everybody gathers at the entranceway. A representative from each activity
                        gathers the groups and takes them to their designated starting activity.
  9.15-10.00   First activity
10.00-10.15   Moving to the site of the next activity
10.15-11.00   Second activity
11.00-11.15   Moving to the site of the next activity
11.15-12.00   Third activity
12.00-13.00   LUNCH BREAK
13.15-14.00   Fourth activity
14.00-14.15   Moving to the site of the next activity
14.15-15.00   Fifth Activity
15.00-15-15   Moving to the site of the next activity
15.15-16.00   Sixth Activity
16.00-16.15   Moving to the site of the next activity
16.15-17.00   Seventh and last activity
            17.00   Everybody gathers to say goodbye


Moesgård Museum and surrounding area


1. Seven Vikings, exhibition
2. The Park
3. The Hedeby House, a reconstructed Viking Age town house
4. The Stave Church, a reconstructed Viking Age church
5. The Willow Circle
6. The Archery Course
7. The Runic Hall
8. Meeting Point


 Programme as PDF file


Pictures from the event in the Gallary and on Picasa 

Video: Committee Europe at Vestergaardsskolen:
Video: Vikings at  Moesgaard in the rain:
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