Reports from Schools

There are already several reports from the schools. Now we are working on a common report of the analysing of water in europe.

Report frrom KGS Großefehn in english, deutsch

Report frrom Alexander-von-Humboldt-Schule in deutsch

Report frrom  Dollard College Oude Pekela in english

Report frrom Colegio Juan Comenius in english


Group from Juan Comenius, Valencia, Spain

Hello Eurofriends !

We are students at Juan Comenius, Valencia, on the East Coast of Spain. This year, ten students (six boys and four girls) from 3º ESO (14 - 15 years old) and two teachers are going to Oude Pekela in the Netherlands. We are excited about flying there, meeting boys and girls from other countries and having great experiences. This is something new for us so we are feeling a bit ‘nervous’.

Our mates who were last year in Germany told us about their experience in the Eurowater project and we hope we will do well.

All of us enjoy doing sports. Although we are competitive, we love playing and working in group.


Group of Vestergaardsskolen

Dear European friends.
We are a group of 17 pupils, 10 boys and 7 girls. The class represents 5 different nationalities: Denmark, Somalia, Afghanistan, Kenya and Morocco, 
We will describe ourselves as happy, smiling and outgoing. We like to spend time together and are very social. The boys love to play football and the girls like to hang out in the club after school. 
We are very good classmates, who look after each other and help each other. And a very important thing is: we LOVE cake.
We are looking forward to meet you all in June.
Best regards 7.b
Viby, Denmark  

Group of Artland-Gymnasium Quakenbrück

We are students from the Artland-Gymnasium Quakenbrück in the north Germany. This year 6 students and 2 teachers from our school will come to the meeting. We are pleased to meet the other students and to be a part of the EuroWater 2015. Last year some of us were already a part of the meeting. So we hope to see some familiar faces in Oude Pekela.  


In january 2015 our group took up the explore water from reservoirs in our region.
We took water from :

- river "Pasłęka"
- lake in Dywity
- stream on the  Garrison street in Dobre Miasto
- pond in Mawry
 On the 12th January 2015 in our school we conducted a project on research water. In the demonstration lesson participated first grade students.

 First mrs. Augustynowicz (a biology teacher) acquainted us with the parameters which we can researched and she showed us how to  use regents for testing water.
Next we analyzed content of various substances in test tubes of water, such as: chloride, ammonium, oxygen, copper,  using specially equipped suitcases.


Committee Europe 2013