escolagavina starts the engine of Eurowater II

What can we say about us?
We are 32 students in our class, but only 29 of us will participate in the encounter EuroWater. Of these 29 students, 17 are girls and the rest are boys. Our school is in Picanya (a town near València). It's a really small school, but it's very cosy.
We like sports (baseball and football). We are both sociable and competitive.
In class we talk a lot, but we have good marks.
We hope that this project will help us to improve our English, to learn more about water and science, to meet a lot of people and new towns. We are active and we really want to go to Oude Pekela, because we have iniciative.
We are jokers and we are always smiling.
We think this project is going to be so exciting and so productive for us!


Project Eurowater November 2014

Wednesday: We waited for our guests on the 2nd floor of the school. Then we went downstairs because our guests arrived. We headed to our homes and showed them our houses. We spent the rest of the day with freetime and doing things like gaming, watching videos and all that kind of things. Then we ate our diner and about 10 o’clock we went to bed.


Thursday: We went to school on half past 8. We arrived at school at 9 o’clock and went to classroom P116 for the project. We had to research water samples for materials like copper, aluminium, pH-value and for chloride and some other materials. We took some water from the canal nearby the school and researched that water too. At about 3 o’clock we went to Termunterzijl for the museum pumping station and the new pumping station. A guide told us a very interesting story about the history and the present situation. After diner at restaurant ‘’Landman’’ we went back to school with the bus. we arrived at half past 8. Then we went to our houses by bicycle. We watched some videos and went to bed at about 10 o’clock.



Friday: We went on our bicycle to school half past 8 and stayed in the canteen for a while, talking about things what we did and how it was the last day and if our guests enjoyed their stay. Then we went to classroom P116. There was a hydrologist, working for Hunze en aa's. He told us about the relation between the waterquality and the animals in the water. After that we researched some water for animals for the water quality. Later that same day we went to the bowling centre with the group. It was a lot of fun.



Saturday: We had a whole day of free time. Everybody did something different.

Sunday: The students and their teachers left on different times.

Conclusion: It was a lot of fun to have a guest in our houses. We have learned many things these days!



Group of Escuela2 from Valencia (Spain)

We are the group of ESO2 (8th school year) from “Escuela2”, we are from Valencia in Spain. In our class there are 31 people and we are working on the “EuroWater” project since months.
We are very excited with the idea of visiting Oude Pekela and the Netherlands, and we are looking forward to the day that we set off to go and share experiences with the young people of other countries. because we are a group that work very well together.

Program Preparatory Meeting in Oude Pekela 2014

12 – 16 november 2014 in OUDE PEKELA
Wednesday 12 november:
• Arrival of the students and teachers of the schools participating in Committee Europe
Thursday 13 november:
• 9.00 – 12.00: Official Program
  o Teachers (Officials 14x)
   - What are we expected to do according to the Comenius Project?
    What are the goals for the opcoming ½ year?
   - Presentation Eurowater2 – Pekela 2-7 june 2015
 o Students (Teachers: Janet, Dirk, Simon, Philipp and Christian)
   - Workshop: Taking probes and taking probes in the environment of DC Pekela
   - What can we say about the results of last year assignments?
   - What are the new goals for the upcoming year?
   - ‘Water’ gaming

Euro Water Group KGS Wittmund

In our group there are 23 people. Three of us are girls, twenty of us are boys .
Our teacher is Simon Janssen. He is also going to the Netherlands with four students in November, Rita, Julia, Maik and Joshua. We all are locking forward to meet new people and to have fun together with the other European students.

Our hobbys are fishing, soccer, meet friends, listen to music and to have fun.

Our group EuroWater. 

Committee Europe 2013