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Reports by Students about a Day on Langeoog

Artikles from our students of the project „EuroWater“ in English language
A Day on Langeoog
On 27.09.2013 we were on the island Langeoog. There to learn about water. As the first were in the water tower and visited the water tower. The water tower is no longer stores water, it is only visited. There we learned why the water towers are so high. The water towers are so high that pressure comes into the line. From the water tower had a magnificent view. Bottom of the water tower was an exhibition about the water tower of the history of the water tower. Then we walked along the beach. On the beach a pumping station, which pumps the sand to the beach was in order to protect the drinking water.
There we have also made a picture. Then we could go into town and get something to eat. For lunch money got. Then we drove back to the island train back to the ferry.

German Newspaper report about "EuroWater"

Projekt: Schüler erforschen das Wasser 
COMENIUS Austausch mit europäischen Schulen an der KGS Wittmund - Besuch eines Wasserwerks 
Fanny Moesgaard, Inken Schulte, Joshua Ring und Serkan Akbulut (v. l.) arbeiteten gestern an dem Projekt "EuroWater". Die Schüler der KGS Wittmund und aus Dänemark hatten dabei eine Menge vorzubereiten. BILD: INGA MENNEN

Participating Schools

In the project "EuroWater" there are involved following schools:

Alexander-von-Humboldt-Schule, Wittmund (DE)
Dollard College, Oude Pekela (NL)
Friedrichgymnasium, Altenburg (DE)
Vestergaardsskolen, Aarhus (DA)
Escuela2, Valencia (ES)

KGS Großefehn (DE)
Artland Gymnasium, Quakenbrück (DE)
Escolagavina, Valencia (ES)
Colegio Juan Comenius, Valencia (ES)
Liceum Ogólnokształcące, Dobre Miasto (PL)


Program September 25th-29th 2013



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